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omg you're gonna make so many posts!

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Go from inconsistent to incredible.

If you're sick of the social media hamster wheel...

And want a clear, organized system for creating tons of content you can use again and again and again and...

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They say you have to post five times a day.

The truth is with the right systems, you don’t even have to THINK about social media every day.

Content plans and courses tell you to post a ton but they don’t say how the heck to do it without chugging red bull and running yourself ragged.

Figuring out what to post and worrying if it's the right thing is exhausting.

Or that little perfectionism problem (yeah, I see you...) gets in the way of getting anything done.

Join 30-Day Sprint

Early chicken gets the worm offer

(ends midnight Monday, Sep 25th ET)



Or 2 payments of $260 = $520

5 live workshops

4 live work sessions

Video library


Toolkit to build your content loop

Accountability & Community

STARTING DATE: We will kick off the new cohort the week of October 9th

  • You Might have a case of Social-media-dread-itis

  • You might have a case of Social-Media-Dread-Itis

Symptoms include:

  • Not knowing what to post

You’re always scrambling for what to say and end up posting for the sake of posting.

  • Not having time to post

It just takes too long and takes you away from all the “real work” you could be doing.

  • Avoiding it altogether

The dread, the anxiety, the frustration… can't you just... not post and use pigeons instead?

You don’t have to hate social media anymore.

no more dread, anxiety, or hurt feelings

It can be doable.

no more time wasting or avoidance

It can be rewarding.

your audience is waiting for you

And it can even be FUN.

don't look at me like that. I swear!

Imagine having 70 posts ready to go.

And the seeds of another 70... 140… 210… 280… 350…

This is what 30-Day Sprint is all about:

Clear, effective messaging


Organization, System & Tools


Accountability & Support


Kickass social media
that doesn't make you want to scream

What's inside 30-Day Sprint?

Week 1:

Goals, Audience & Staying Sane

  • Live Workshop: Social Media Group Therapy

  • Work session for accountability and productivity

  • An organized workbook for note-taking and tasks

  • Manifesto & Goalsetting

  • Know your Audience

  • Audience language research

  • Platform Overview

Week 2:

Messaging & Creating Your Content Loop

  • Live Workshop: Messaging Techniques

  • Work session for accountability and productivity

  • A planning toolkit set up just for you

  • Understanding your content loop

  • Writing posts

Week 3:

Branding & Execution

  • Live Workshop: Batching Systems

  • Work session for accountability and productivity

  • Instagram basics

  • Resource Roundup

  • Repurposing your content

Week 4:

Repurposing & Launch Sequences

  • Live Workshop: Launch sequences & Design 101

  • Work session for accountability and productivity

  • Collecting ideas and inspiration

Week 5:

Data Analysis

  • Live Workshop: How to evaluate your results

That's me, telling you what happens in 30-Day Sprint

After 30 days, you will have:

Messaging that speaks clearly to your audience in the words they use

A customized content loop that tells you exactly what to post when

A system to create high-quality content and squeeze every last bit of potential out of it

The confidence and mindset you need to show up, post, and keep going

Join 30-Day Sprint

Early chicken gets the worm offer

(ends midnight Monday, Sep 25th ET)



Or 2 payments of $260 = 520

5 live workshops

4 live work sessions

Video library


Toolkit to build your content loop

Accountability & Community

STARTING DATE: We will kick off the new cohort the week of October 9th

"Kate has a method of boiling down the overwhelm to strategic action steps that will get you over the hump."
Dr. Dody Tyneway @holisticvetblend

What the heck is a content loop?

It's a plan for high-quality, easily modifiable, repeatable content to use on your social media channels.

And it's the key to changing your relationship to social media

As we carefully examine our goals, audience and messaging, you begin answering questions in a magic spreadsheet I've created that generates your content loop for you.

You post according to the loop using systems we put in place to efficiently create and repurpose your content.

When you get back to the beginning, most of the work is already done for your next cycle through the loop.

You can refine, update and improve your posts each time you go through your loop.

The whole time you are building up a well-organized library of assets and already-prepared posts to use as needed.

Join 30-Day Sprint

Early chicken gets the worm offer

(ends midnight Monday, Sep 25th ET)



Or 2 payments of $260 = 520

5 live workshops

4 live work sessions

Video library


Toolkit to build your content loop

Accountability & Community

STARTING DATE: We will kick off the new cohort the week of October 9th

How much time is required?

Our live workshops are between 60 and 90 minutes long. Most videos are between 5 and 10 minutes long. The tasks for the first couple weeks can be completed within an hour or two (depending on how decisive you are). In the following weeks, the bulk of the work is creating your content. The time investment depends on the sorts of content you choose to make and the production necessary. I do everything I can to make sure you are moving forward.

I don’t use Instagram. Will this still work for me?

Yes! Many past sprinters have used the course to create plans for LinkedIn, Facebook groups, and YouTube.

What if I have very few followers? Should I wait?

The sooner you get your messaging and content strategy in place, the more quickly you will find your audience and gain followers. START NOW. If you’re really unsure book a quick call with me.

Will you run another session of Sprint in the future?

Probably? I can't promise I will, but if I do I will probably also increase the price.

What kind of support can I get if I get stuck?

I check in with each participant every Friday. Sprinters are welcome to reach out to get unstuck at any other time. I respond as quickly as I am able. If you need extensive support one-on-one sessions are available at a discount.

Is there a community with this product?

Yes! Sprinters gather in a private facebook group to share wins, ask questions, and pass on tips and tools that worked for them.

Is everything available immediately?

Because this is a step by step program, I release each section as it is needed and the live sessions happen on a particular schedule. That said, if you’re in the mood to binge-learn one weekend, we can make that happen.

How long can I keep it for?

I understand that sometimes it’s necessary to go back and have a refreshers, so you will have access to the program for as long as I am doing this sort of work..

Can I share this with a friend?

No. Please don’t. The amount of work I have put into this and the value I am providing to you is well beyond what I am charging. Similar programs with the amount of personalied help available to you go for thousands of dollars so I ask that you keep the program to yourself. I give extra goodies to people who refer their friends to sign up for the course, so consider that instead.

Here’s the truth…

You will get what you put into sprint.

I cannot do the work for you. I have set everything up to be as simple, clear, and efficient as possible. It’s up to you to show up and do it. You can ask questions. You can even whine (for a couple minutes before I give you a gentle butt-kicking). Ask any past sprinter, I give 110% to make sure you keep going, but you have to do the actual moving.

I cannot promise you followers, engagement, or sales. That would be unethical.

I can tell you that many past sprinters have more followers, more engagement, and more sales. Even those with only modest gains report they are energized, optimistic, and have dared to make offers and try things they never would have tried before.

It’s your call. Keep slogging away. Or build a foundation that will serve you for years.

Hi! I'm Kate.

I'm on a mission to help you reach your small biz goals without giving up your entire life.

After founding and running an online knitting magazine for ten years, I transitioned to consulting with small businesses (with a short detour baking fancy cakes). I'm passionate about helping solopreneurs get more done in less time and with more style. I've assisted clients with everything from course creation and branding redesigns to veterinary cookbooks and productivity plans. I provide the support, systems, and services I always wanted as a solopreneur.

If you think another sort of service might suit you better, please book a call to discuss your needs.

"I highly recommend Sprint to anyone struggling with overwhelm in how and what to produce for social media. Kate is a wonderful teacher and uses her humour and excellent organizational skills to assist her clients in staying not only on track and focused but creating deliberate messaging in each individual’s material that attracts clients no matter what platform the client uses."

Pamela Beamish, Whole Heart Healing with Pamela

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